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Psychiatry is a part of medical sciences, which deals with studies and treatment of mental and emotional disorders. Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists are doctors who prescribe drugs to patients. This is because psychiatry is related to mental health only whereas psychology is a broader study of behavior and thought processes and works on therapy and not drugs.

Initially, neurology and psychiatry were under a single discipline. However, with the advancement of medical sciences they branched out. Emil Kraepelin was the first psychiatrist to start scientific psychiatry. Later psychiatry world changed with the advent of Sigmund Freud and his Freudian theories.

A variety of indoor and outdoor treatments are offered for children, adolescents and adults, with specialty services for suicidal patients, Alcoholics, people with sexual problems; besides the regular care of the psychologically disturbed and psychiatrically ill. Along with medical treatments, various forms of psychotherapy, counseling and E.C.T. are also offered as treatment modalities.
An experienced, well trained staff and good infrastructure in the hospital ensures good facilities for regular, troublesome and long term indoor patients.

The department also has excellent liaison services with the other medical and surgical departments for the interdisciplinary management of psychosomatic disorders, counseling services for cardiac and surgical cases and the management of psychiatric co-morbidity in patients with physical disorders.

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