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Blood Bank

Open 24 hours

  • Blood component products such as FFP, packed cells, platelets, cryoprecipitate and leucocytes concentrations are available round the clock.
  • All blood components are manufactured in- house, on the latest equipment and with stringent quality controls.
  • All our blood products are leuco-depleted (White Blood Cells are removed) which makes blood 100% safe for transfusion.
  • Over past 8 years, more than 1 lakh units of blood issued.
  • An important transfusion centre for Thalassemia Society of Pune.
  • Regular Blood donation drives organized in Pune and outside the city. We conduct at least 5 camps every month.
  • Recipients of ‘Best Blood Bank’ award from PCMC.

You can save lives
by donating blood
Call Us at 4129727
To volunteer for blood Donation
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